St. Bernard, Alabama Sessions


During the five days, four nights at the Wide Open Cross Country Camp, athletes will stay in the dormitories used during the school year at St. Bernard Preparatory School. These buildings have dorm style showering (community shower rooms with individual showers).The dorms generally sleep 2-4 to campers to a room. There are a few rooms that sleep between 6-10 campers.

Male and female athletes will stay in separate buildings and are not allowed in the opposite gender’s building for any reason.

Coaches will be paired with another coach and stay in a hotel style room with a private bath in the St. Bernard Retreat and Conference Center.

Camp Meals and Food

The price of Wide Open Cross Country Camp for overnight campers covers three meals a day for the duration of camp. Food is served cafeteria style and prepared by the professional catering company on campus. Day Campers will be provided breakfast and lunch. 

Campers and coaches are allowed to bring snacks and sports drinks. We ask that you not bring any snacks that contain peanut or nut products.

Please make the staff aware of any food allergies, religious dietary considerations, or any other dietary issues such as vegetarianism, veganism, or hypoglycemia when registering. Campers with dietary considerations will be provided alternative meals throughout the week of camp.