We pride ourselves in having an awesome group of staff and counselors who love Wide Open Cross Country Camp and can’t wait for campers to arrive each year. We ask that every runner arrive at camp with a positive attitude ready to learn, improve, and have a little bit of fun at the same time. Our rules are in place so that each camper can safely enjoy all our camp has to offer and return home a better runner.

Below is list of the general rules for camp. At the beginning of every session, we will go over more specific rules about running on the trails and how we expect everyone to treat one another while at camp. One rule that remains every year is that you will be sent home without a refund if you bring any weapons, illicit drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products to camp.

General Camp Rules

  • All car keys of individuals who drive themselves to camp will be turned into the Camp Director and returned at the end of camp
  • Daily medication can be stored with the Camp Director otherwise you are responsible for storing and taking your medication
  • No wandering the camp grounds without the presence of a counselor
  • No swimming without the presence of a counselor
  • No swimming after dark
  • Guys will not be allowed in girls sleeping area and vice versa
  • No profanity
  • No bullying
  • No PDA