Our mission

… to empower runners of all abilities to pursue competitive athletic excellence and lifelong enjoyment of the sport.

Our Strategy

… to create environments where coaches and athletes are welcomed into a community passionate about running, that will motivate and equip them to succeed.

Welcome to Wide Open Camps and Clinics. We’re proud of our mission statement up there in italics. But as far as mission statements go, it’s a pretty standard one. Same goes for the strategy statement.

Reinventing the wheel we are not.

However, we are different for one reason.

The people.

We care about every single person mentioned in those statements at the top of the page. Wide Open Cross Country Camp has continued to grow since we started in 2010 because of the people involved and the people who’ve attended camp.

Now, let me explain a little more about those people.


Yep. We’re starting with our. Who is our? Our is a collection of staff and counselors. A group that lovingly refers to itself as the Wide Open Family. Every staff member, counselor, trainer, photographer, and whoever else who has been a part of our family is a better person than he or she is a runner. And we have some fast people in our family.

Our is also defined by the excitement with which we get to share our passion for running with others. Our isn’t only concerned with getting faster as individuals. We enjoy helping other high school and middle school cross country athletes get faster and fall in love with running too.

Runners of all abilities

Not just runners of certain means. Not just beginners. Not just state champions. Wide Open Camps is about helping all runners, from all backgrounds, all talent levels, and all ambitions get better. In our camps in Alabama and North Carolina, we have worked with state champions as well as athletes who are the 20th boy or girl on their team.

We want everyone to get better and have fun while doing it because running is a lifelong activity no matter your talent level. A bad day running is still a good day. We believe that’s true long after you hang up your racing spikes.

Coaches and Athletes

For most campers, camp is only one week out of the year. During that week, we educate, motivate, and entertain athletes. However, coaches are the ones who are with their athletes day in and day out all season long. So, we support the relationship between coaches and athletes. Wide Open Cross Country Camp is a lot of things. A replacement for a coach isn’t one of them.

Community passionate about running

If you attend or have ever attended a session of Wide Open Cross Country Camp, you are part of the Wide Open Community. You’ll find that Wide Open Community members enjoy competing against each other, cheering one another along throughout the season, and even striking a quick heroic pose for a picture from time to time.

And it’s more likely that not, you’ll find one of our staff members at our Community’s races decked out in neon yellow and cheering you on, by name.

We are passionate about running but more specifically, we are passionate about your running.